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The One-Eyed Monster

There once was a monster with a very big eye,

whose sole purpose in life was to learn how to fly.

He'd climb onto rooftops and jump in the air,

diving and gliding with intention and flair.

But no matter how often or how hard he would try,

he'd land with a thud, he just couldn't fly.

Instead of a bird soaring high in the air,

he was a sad little monster filled with despair.

One day an idea filled his round furry head,

maybe he'd just build an airplane instead.

So he worked through the day,

and all through the night.

He used all of his tools,

his bed, and his kite.


Every thought he could think,

in his small little brain,

Was used to create,

his new monster plane.

The very next morning,

there was no time to play.

He ran to the rooftop,

without any delay.

With birds all around him,

and the sun shining bright,

A happy one-eyed monster,

took his very first flight!

~ © dlg ~

Poem by Me*Ü*

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