Raggedy Ann and Andy

"If one just thinks nice, kindly things, if one just does generous helpful deeds, then that person is filled with a thrill of happiness that shines right through even the shabbiest clothes and brings loving friends close by."

~ Raggedy Ann ~

Raggedy Andy always says, "The reason Raggedy Ann is so loveable and kindly and generous and able to think so nicely is that she has a candy heart with the words 'I love you," printed on it"; but Raggedy Andy is just as kindly and cheery and generous as dear Raggedy Ann, and he has no candy heart.​

~ Johnny Gruelle ~

And it turned out just as Raggedy Ann had said, for her head was stuffed with clean, white cotton, and she could think exceedingly wise thoughts.

Excerpt from Raggedy Ann and the Kittens

by Johnny Gruelle