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Fairy tales for those who believe,

are not a tale at all. 
They are whispered to us in our dreams,

by fairies one and all.
Have you heard the fairies,

all among the limes 
Singing little fairy tunes,

to little fairy rhymes? 
If you see a faery ring,

in a field of grass, 
Very lightly step around,

tip-toe as you pass.

~ Author Unknown ~


If you venture to the meadow
on a sunny summer's day,
Be sure to peek among the flowers
where the children laugh and play,
Dancing among the daisies
shimmering all aglow,
You'll find the tiniest of fairies
singing as they go.

~ © dlg ~

Poem by Me*Ü*


The woods are full of faeries!
The trees are all alive;

The river overflows with them,
See how they dip and dive!

What funny little fellows!
What dainty little dears!

They dance and leap, 
and prance and peep,
And utter fairy cheers!

~ Author Unknown ~


If you see a faery ring 
In a field of grass, 
Very lightly step around, 
Tip-toe as you pass, 
Last night faeries frolicked there 
And they're sleeping somewhere near. 
If you see a tiny faery, 
Lying fast asleep 
Shut your eyes 
And run away, 
Do not stay to peek! 
Do not tell 
Or you'll break a faery spell.

~ William Shakespeare ~

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