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A Tribute to Teachers


T is for the Time you spend.
E is for the Encouragement you give.
A is for the Admiration we feel.
C is for your Caring ways.
H is for all your Hard work.
E is for the Excellence you expect.
R for the Respect you deserve.


Thank you for your caring, your creativity, and for all the extra hours you put in that no one sees.  Thank you for going above and beyond and never giving up.  Thank you for investing in the lives of our children and for making the world a better place.


Better than a thousand days of diligent 
study is one day with a great teacher.

~ Japanese Proverb ~


When I was in school I had a teacher who believed in me. I was in 8th grade and we had an assignment to write a book that we considered publishable.  I chose to write a children's poetry book.  That was considered a little weird by my friends back in the 70's, but from the beginning I knew what I wanted to do.  I made the book in the shape of a teddy bear and filled it with poems for children that I had written. I handed in my assignment but wasn't really sure what to expect.  When I got the assignment back I was so happy to see an A+. As much as I appreciated the grade, that was not what impacted me the most.   It was the teacher's comments on the back  of the book that I will always remember.  She saw beyond the words on the paper to "the sweet, gentle soul" that had written them.  That is the only assignment from school that I ever kept.  Her encouragement and her kind words made all the difference. Thank you Ms. Hillias for being the kind of teacher who went above and beyond.  I will never forget you.

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