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Oh, to be young again!
Remember what life was like when we were little kids?
Green grass, blue skies...
Rolling down hills, chasing butterflies through meadows of daisies...
I want to ride the merry-go-round and get cotton candy all over my face
I want to run around barefoot in the grass
and through sprinklers
I want to have an imaginary friend and believe in the tooth fairy.


I want to swing on the swing set, play in the sandbox,

and slide down the slide
I want to climb trees
I want my ice cream cone to melt all over my hands
and I want to get messy and play in the mud
I want to jump around in the rain and splash in puddles
I want to paint pictures with my fingers
and make snow angels
I want to play with playdough
and color outside the lines
I want to paint beautiful pictures of innocence
I want to wear overalls and sundresses
I want to dance on my toes


I want to be free
I want to sit on a lap and read a story
I want to play make-believe
I want someone to tie my shoes for me
and I want to be happy and naïve
I want a band-aid to dry my tears
and I want somebody to hold my hand when I cross the street
I want to believe in magic, miracles and fantasy lands


and in the power of a hug
I want to be full of spirit and full of love
and I want to play all day
I want to sing and laugh
and I want to
I never want to grow up


"64-Box of Crayons"

© Mallery
Used with Permission

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